We Are Not A Glum Lot

We’ve been there – the after work gathering, with it’s impromptu patio patter, unwinding after a rough day, laughing at each other, gossiping, tossing barbs at those not present, back patting, flirting, telling bad jokes, all the while hoisting, sipping and slurping adult beverages of every colour and shape.  Oh the civility, the pomp, the…

Overheard #6

Overheard from AA speaker Tareq K.: “Half my mind creates bullshit and the other half buys it.”   So very true for this alcoholic!

Snapshots From The Subway

  I was riding on the subway the other day, and for some reason, I started to look at the ads on the car’s walls.  I normally don’t pay attention to the posters – I am usually reading or writing something.  But something had me look at these ads through the eyes of my past…

Overheard #1

Overheard tonight at meeting: “This is the only fellowship where the more you screw up, the more they want you”