My Secret Charm

Once again I am honoured to be a guest on The Holistic Wayfarer’s stunning and compelling blog, A Holistic Journey. She has proven to be a wonderful host and friend, and I can never say no to that dynamic combination! I want to thank her for her hospitality and generosity in allowing me to share an intimate portion of my own journey.

Love and light,

17 responses to “My Secret Charm

  1. I loved how you were able to tell such a complete story within the allotted word count. I read mine again this morning and it seems so staccato whereas yours is so smooth.
    Truly beautiful words, Paul!!

    • Oh thank you Sherry – that’s high praise, my friend. I am very pleased that it resonated with you. It was cool to reminisce about that guy. I hope he’s had a great life so far!

      Thanks for being here.


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