Thinking Of A Clever Title To Tell You That I Have A New Blog. Failing.

I can’t promise anything more exciting than this.  Actually, this would be an improvement, now that I think about it.

I started a new blog – not sure really where it’s going to go, as most of us can attest to when we started our own little corners of the universe.  I was going to wait a bit and then start branching out and sharing later, but I figured, what’s the point in hiding.  Ugh. Move past fears of being judged, etc.  Gotta let go sometimes and fail. Or succeed.  Or a bit of both.

It’s a bit different than what goes on here.  Very little recovery talk over at the new joint. More stories, reflections, some music, maybe a tap dance recital or two.  Might blend performance art with military drills.  Perhaps share a recipe for dog biscuits and Pineapple Diet Shasta. Book reviews for the illiterate.  Belgian women shouting out their bra sizes in Mandarin. Whacky.  Or maybe not.  I don’t do whacky well.  It just is what it is.

Buyer beware.

Check it out, if you have a second.  No obligation to do anything else than that.

I have absolutely no reason to show this other than I can. Non sequitur in sequins.  Go at it.
I have absolutely no reason to show this other than I can. Non sequitur in sequins. Go at it.

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Best of luck in your new venture. I have already been over, and I’m already loving it!

  2. Kate says:

    Exciting !! I’ll be following you there, too! Can’t wait to read all of your deep thoughts about life and otherwise! 🙂

    1. Thank you Katie…I am looking forward to checking out your corner of the world this 2014!

  3. Can we have some whirling dervishes too? I, too, am thinking of starting a new blog, less about recovery, more about living in places that don’t have toilet seats and you can’t flush toilet paper. Life is good. Happy New Year, Amigo!

    1. Whirling dervishes? I love those cats. Bring ’em on, KM!

      Yeah, it’s nice to park thoughts in another lot, methinks. Tell me when you get your corner of the universe and I will soooo be there 🙂


  4. warmginger says:

    You’ve surpassed yourself with that last photo…it made my knees go wobbly and I felt a bit sick. In fact, come to think of it that’s the same reaction when I met my husband. Very worried now!
    Hurrah for just unleashing more of yourself into the world. Why the hell not eh? 😀

    1. I need to meet your husband then. When I am in the Q there one day, please introduce. I will bring this pic to compare.

      Thanks for the support, my friend…you are one in a million 🙂

  5. Idk. For some reason, the title “Glaring Palominos” comes to mind. Seriously have no idea how that came into my head. I think you are hilarious; your posts always make me think, laugh, think further, and give me aha moments much later in the day. Keep on keeping on

    1. Glaring Palominos? Forgive my old character defect of jealousy cropping up here, but I am *jealous* that you came up with that gem. I may have to sneak it into something. I love those mindless literary masterpieces. Like your own posts, which I love, I have to admit. Thank you for them.

      Thanks Linda!


      1. Definitely use it!!! Maybe YOU can make sense of my ridiculousness. Ha!

  6. Love the R.E.M. reference! 😉

    1. You caught that, did you? 🙂

      I couldn’t get that phrase out of my head no matter how hard I tried. I looked it up, and outside of the R.E.M album name, it was also mentioned in one of the Pink Panther movies. So that upped the coolness factor for me…sealed the deal.

      Great catch there 🙂


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