Rallying The Troops – I Ask For Your Help, Fellow Bloggers And Friends


Not too long ago I wrote about my verdict in regards to my one and only drinking and driving incident. Several warm souls were kind enough to offer to write letters of support.  I mentioned that I might take them up on their offer.

I am taking you up on your offer.  🙂

Rallying the troops – it’s about all I can do at this point.  Time to move forward and think upon things positive.  While the chance of going to jail might be slim, it is still a chance.  Bringing attention to my life since the incident is what we are hoping to impress upon the judge and the Crown.  The Judge, primarily.  Focusing on the positive things that have gone on in my life since putting down the bottle is something that I am looking to do, and I can’t do it alone – I need any help I can get.

If anyone is willing to write a letter, I would be very indebted to them.  But if you are uncomfortable with it or it isn’t anything that speaks to you or feels that it threatens your anonymity, then I am indebted to you as well for your honesty!

The whole focus of the letter campaign is to give the court an idea of who I am, and more importantly, that I have moved on since that incident.  That I have changed, that I have transformed, that I continue to work the program, that I am active, that I help other alcoholics out, that I am productive.  You know, all the things I wasn’t when active.


So if you decide to write a letter, perhaps focus on that.  I can’t tell anyone what to write – it would be inauthentic.  But any mention of the working with others, being active in recovery, etc. would be useful.  Nothing negative against the court system or the ruling either.  May not go over well…ha ha.  (Gah, it’s hard to write this without feeling that I am trying to sell something.  But in a way, I guess that I am – freedom from incarceration and freedom from taking a large step backwards in my life.)

I have already gotten commitments from friends and family and several people from the program (including my sponsor and perhaps will ask some sponsees). I am going to ask my boss as well.  I am unaccustomed to this idea of ‘calling all cars’, so to speak, but this is a lesson for me.  We recover together.  We pull together.  I am just not used to being the one being rallied around.  But I have to admit the feeling of love and camaraderie I have gotten so far is wonderful.  So time for me to get out of my comfort zone and drop ego, once again.

Okay, done.


I am hoping to get all letters within two weeks – Oct. 31 at latest, so that they can be sent to the appropriate channels.  They may be vetted by counsel.  Most importantly, they need be signed and dated.  So you can scan it and send it to my email.  Your full name and address would be required too, just to show authenticity.  All of this will be confidential, and I certainly will not contact you or use your information in any way (I feel silly saying that, but I just want to be clear!)

I know that you guys don’t fully “know” me in the sense of being face-to-face over the years, but I am hoping that there is a sense of community, nonetheless, that will be helpful.  But whatever your experience of me in regards to recovery and the arc of the life as revealed in these pages and screens…that is pretty much it. The more I can show to the court, the better my chances of being able to walk out of there free.  I have tasted freedom from my alcoholism, and I don’t intend to get back chained to something.  Even myself.

Okay, enough of that.   I am letting go now. 🙂

As for my full name…I can email it to you.  You will need it.

email me at: carrythemessage164@gmail.com

The more the merrier.  I would be very much in your debt for anything that you can offer.

Love and light,


21 Comments Add yours

  1. Kary May says:

    I will be proud to do this.

    1. Thanks Kary May 🙂


  2. Hi, Paul,
    You’ve helped me so much just through your insightful comments…I’d be more than happy to help you on this. You can email me at drunkydrunkgirl@gmail.com

    1. I will email you for sure, DDG. Thank you for the support 🙂


  3. Erika says:

    I wanna do this! I’ll email you, dearest Paul :).
    PS: I returned to the blogosphere just in time, phew!

    1. Yes – great timing. Funny how this works out, yes?
      I got your email – will get back to you for sure.


  4. E-mail me the skinny, Pauly. I’ll see what I can come up with. Help keep you from having to do your triceps dips off the the toilet. A grilled cheese sandwich cooking on a hot iron you wedged between your mattress and bunk. Some pulp novel to read. A toothpaste and toilet sculpture of Rodin’s The Kiss in the works. Plenty of time to nap and dream. Write.

    1. I have had many experiences lingering over a toilet bowl, Marius, but I can’t say doing tricep dips wasn’t one of them. Well, it may have seem like that at first…ha ha. I am more of a German Expressionist, so I think something from Kolbe would have been nice to manner in any toothpaste art. But I will take your word on it.

      I will send you deets.

      Thanks again, brother.


      1. I’d love to contribute!

  5. Hi Paul! I’d like to help! I’ll send you an email. Hugs.

  6. risingwoman says:

    You have my e-mail… send me what I need. Are e-mails OK< or do they need a hard/signed copy?

    1. I hope you got my email, Michelle 🙂

      Thank you for this!

  7. Hi Paul,

    I’m in. I will email for details!


    1. Thanks Josie – just got your email and will respond 🙂

  8. bernasvibe says:

    Hey there Paul…I’m backtracking posts because been so busy a few have gone by I missed..I’ll email you. Stay uplifted & blessed.

    1. Thanks Berna…so nice to have you here…no matter when you get here 🙂


      1. bernasvibe says:

        No thanks necessary Paul..There are SO many ugly , awful things to read in the news in our country, in the World even! And to see on the news..it is a beautiful thing to provide someone else with HOPE ..Without hope and love Paul I believe as a people we’ll stop existing..I’m a people lover..I love connecting with people on and offline..It is what I do when I do what I’m doing the best..Talking/vibing/spreading love..I say all of that to say? I enjoy the message you carry and whatever small token I can do to keep the message going; I’ll do. Stay encouraged. Stay UPlifted. Stay BLESSED and keep the Faith . Hugs! 4ever Sincere, Bernadette *Berna* the 1 & only

  9. byebyebeer says:

    Hey Paul. I will be happy to write a glowing letter of recommendation for the good I’ve seen you do here. I will be in touch via email.

  10. Al K Hall says:

    Contacted you via email…hope i’m not too late to the party!

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