AA Bashing

I have to admit I am utterly flummoxed when it comes to why it is AA bashers are so vocal and adamant in their rants.

On discussion boards, youtube, internet sites (hello orange papers!)…there are tons of people out there who not only found that AA didn’t work for them, but are pretty damn angry about it and very hateful and hurtful.  It’s like they are on a crusade to damn AA.

For those who are still struggling – I feel for them.  I was one.  I pray for those every single day.  And anyone with untreated alcoholism, anger and fear and all the other goodie character defects come to play, is going to feel all those things.  They will act out.  They will speak out.  And write out, on occasion.  So I understand why it is some of us lash out.

I guess what I have a hard time understanding is why, if AA didn’t work for someone, they have to go on a crusade to undermine it?  What is in it for them?  What is so painful for them that must absolutely try to bury AA (not that they can or do – AA needs no defending)?  The ideas that it is a cult has been around forever.  So what is it?

For those who say AA didn’t work – I wonder if they got a sponsor, worked the steps, found a spiritual awakening and helped other drunks?  Most likely not.  I feel there are many alcoholics out there who feel that just going to meetings and nothing else will “cure” them.  Or they aren’t real alcoholics.  Or they weren’t given proper direction at a meeting, allowing them to flounder (shame on us then).   And then for those who did it on their own (real alcoholics?  I don’t feel so), or went to Rational Recovery or any of the other self-help style approaches, if they worked for you, then why the AA bashing?

I don’t fully understand, but perhaps what I do need to understand or get, is that I need to learn more patience, tolerance and acceptance.  And maybe me just writing this will get that.  Now.

I hope.

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